News from Fordune Board of Directors

Letter to Homeowners from the Board of Directors 10/2023

Earlier this very month the Board of Directors mailed out a letter to all Homeowners. It aims to address a few goals for the future of the Fordune Association and some thoughts on the activities of this recent summer.

With the goal of preserving the quality and serenity that exists within our unique community, the Board of Directors feels it is imperative to highlight the following topics for consideration and regulation. It is our hope that all Homeowners recognize that a team effort is necessary to maintain the peace that Fordune offers and cooperate to ensure that the community remains a place of respite for all residents.

If you have not yet received this letter in the mail, you can click below to view a PDF version. 
Letter to Homeowners - October 10th, 2023

Reminders and Updates from the Board of Directors 6/2023

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer season in our wonderful community. We would like to remind you of some important guidelines and regulations that contribute to maintaining the quality and harmony of our neighborhood. Your cooperation in adhering to these reminders is greatly appreciated and part of the required guidelines of the Fordune Association.

1. Restriction on Outside Construction: There are to be no outside construction projects between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This timeframe allows residents and their families to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted summer experience within our community.

2. Prohibition of Gas-Powered Golf Carts on the Beach Path: Please be aware that gas-powered golf carts are prohibited on beach paths. We encourage homeowners to utilize electric golf carts when accessing the beach area.

3. Caution while Driving Golf Carts on the Beach Path: We want to remind everyone to exercise caution and mindfulness while driving on the beach path. Due to the high water table and grassy terrain, aggressive driving may cause damage to the path that the Association is working hard to maintain. Please be considerate and drive responsibly to preserve the integrity of the pathway for everyone's enjoyment.

4. Prohibition of Driving Any Motorized Vehicles in The Drainage Areas: There are to be no motorized vehicles at all, i.e., golf carts, ATVs, motorbikes, etc., utilized in the drainage areas. This is strictly prohibited and unsafe.

5. Access to Security Cameras and Plate Readers: We are happy to inform you that the security cameras' log-in information, particularly the plate readers at the entrance, will be forwarded to all homeowners in a separate email. This access will provide you with real-time monitoring capabilities and enhance the overall security of our community. Also, please remember that these security measures are directly linked to our local police department, so we can respond quickly if needed.

6. FEMA Flood Maps: For your convenience and information, we encourage homeowners to visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website at The website provides access to scalable flood maps, which can help you better understand the potential flood risks associated with our area.

7. Parking in the Street: All homeowners are responsible for the conduct and parking of any contractors or vendors working on their property, especially during authorized construction. All parking should be within your property and not in the streets, restricting traffic flow, obstructing pedestrians, and creating a potential hazard for your neighbors. Continuous violation of this will lead to an imposed fine. Also, all debris and associated overflow of materials should be cleaned up daily before the construction crew leaves out of respect for your fellow neighbors.

You should all receive an email from Flock Security, prompting you to choose a password for your account. Please do so at your earliest convenience to access the real-time monitoring system.

If you have any more questions or need additional clarification on any of the above reminders, please don't hesitate to contact the Board of Directors.

Important Local News

 Please be extra vigilant regarding protecting your property and automobile due to a current rise in automobile thefts from front yards.
  The SH Village and Town Police have been in multiple pursuits the past several weeks with suspects trying to steal cars, and they have become more brazen recently. Please report any suspicious activities immediately and ensure all vehicles and gates are locked at all times.
They recently changed there time in which they attempt to steal vehicles. They are striking between 4 am and 7 am.

Updates to Architectural Review Guidelines - 11/2021

Please note there have been updates to to the Architectural Review Guidelines.  Please click on the link below for Tracey to email you the updated version with highlights.  Thank you!
[email protected]

May 17th Post Boxes Upgrade

May 17th, 2021 To All Fordune Residents: We are in the process of changing the two existing mailboxes behind the gatehouse to four new boxes. This additional capacity will allow all residents to now have mailboxes, which was not previously the case. We expect the Post office will clear all mail from the mailboxes tomorrow, May 18. We expect the existing mailboxes to be removed and concrete footings for the new mailboxes to be poured on Wednesday, May 19. The work should be completed on Friday, May 21. Scheduled mail service should be resumed on Monday, May 24. All existing mail and new mail arriving later this week can be retrieved at the Southampton Post Office. Both existing and new mailbox holders will need new keys, which you must pick up at the Post Office. Please bring your old keys if the Post Office wishes to recycle the old locks (not sure). On behalf of the Homeowners Association, Thanks and best regards, Ken Wang. Please email Tracey below for my contact information to contact me.